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About Us

Woman owned, textile obsessed, & trusted with over 20 years experience in the sales, design, and development of textiles specific to the hospitality industry. 

We've got the tools you need to create inspired spaces.

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fabric dreams do come true.

Your textiles should be beautiful, curated to match your vision for each of your projects.  w21 will focus on developing textiles that meet both your aesthetic and performance requirements, while offering transparency and accountability for the entire development and procurement process



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Workshop Twenty-One is a disrupter of the textile industry.
Offering a new view into textiles suitable for the hospitality design community; we aim to educate, collaborate, and create. Our transparent approach encourages each client to participate in the design development process.


The number twenty-one, as revealed by its reduction to the single-digit 3, is creatively self-expressive. It’s imaginative, optimistic, and an inspiration to itself and to others. In numerology, the number 21 means a creative spirit that also resonates with meaningful relationships. The 21’s energy is optimistic, so optimistic and enthusiastic that it tends to inspire others.

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